1- What am I buying?

You are buying a Printable Kit: it is a PDF file kit that we send to you by email in PDF format for you to print, assemble and decorate.

We do not do printing. You can print it on any printer or even at a print shop.

Most of our printable Kits are personalized, we have some that contain editable texts so you can change your name and age.


2- What forms of payment can I use to make my purchase?

We have the following means of payment:



TO BUY FROM ABROAD YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE TO PAY WITH PAYPAL, find more info here: https://www.paypal.com/ar/home


3- What is the shipping cost?

There is no shipping cost since the Printable kits are sent by email.

The only thing we send by mail are the notebooks within Argentina. These do have a shipping cost.


4- How long does it take to get the order?

Custom kits are shipped the third business day after payment is received (ask us for exceptions before purchasing)


5- What program do I need to print my Munki kit?

Our kits can only be opened and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader as they are not editable. Make sure you have the latest free version installed at this link: https://get.adobe.com/es/reader/


6- Do you include invitations in digital format to be able to send them by WhatsApp?

Yes, all the kits that are personalized include, in addition to the invitations to print, one in digital JPG format so that you can send it by WhatsApp.


7- Can I edit the kit?

No, the kits are not editable, we send them personalized with a name and the necessary data.


8- What paper should I print my Munki kit on?

You can print it on any type of paper, some pieces require thicker weights than others. We recommend some in this link: https://munki.com.ar/consejos/


9- What printer do I print on?

You can print it on any printer, the quality will depend on the type of printer on which it is printed. You can also print it at a printer.


10- "In the printer they ask me for the password of the PDF to be able to print it... can they pass it to me?":

No. Kits are shipped locked to protect our copyright.


11- How do I then print the entire kit in A3 and that it costs me less at the printer?

It is not necessary to unlock the PDFs to be able to print them in A3. What can be done is to configure from the print settings so that they can print 2 A4 sheets on one A3 sheet, that way you lower the cost of printing at the printer.


12- How many pieces fit on an A4 sheet?

Pennants: 2 per sheet
Straw Flags: 20 per sheet
Sachets: 1 per sheet
Boxes: 1 per sheet
Welcome Poster: 1 per A3 sheet
Posters 13 x 18 cm: 2 per sheet
Multifunction Labels: 6 to 8 per sheet (depends on design)
Food Labels - 3 per sheet
Wood paper bag closure labels: 6 per sheet
Bottle Wraps: 5 per sheet
Beanies: 1 per sheet
Goose set: 1 per A3 sheet
Memotest set: 1 per A4 sheet + 3 mini boxes per A4 sheet
Placemats: 1 per A3 sheet
Envelopes for tea bags: 3 per sheet
Thank you tags: from 12 to 20 (depends on the design)
Toppers: from 15 to 20 (depends on the design)
Cupcake wrappers: 2 per sheet

Labels or Wrappers for Candy:

Cabsha: 35 per sheet
Coin/Bon or Bon: 24 per sheet
8g chocolate bar: 7 per sheet (wrapper)
Lollipop 35g (popsicles): 15 per sheet
Tita: 4 per sheet (wrapper)
Rhodesia: 2 per sheet (wrapper)
Nougat: 2 per sheet (wrapper)
Mogul Gummies: 6 per sheet
La Yapa pastilles: 5 per sheet
Morocco: 18 per sheet

The RESALE or EXCHANGE of Munki kits on online sales platforms or on social networks, whether for profit or not, is completely prohibited.

Violation of intellectual property rights is punishable by LAW 11,723.